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Authentic athletic apparel
Since 1919


Time-Honored and True, Champion® Heritage

Established in Rochester, New York in 1919. Here are a few important innovations in our History:
1935: Introduced the Cotton Football Jersey
1938: Invented the Reverse Weave® sweatshirt
1952: Introduced the reversible jersey
1967: Introduced mesh practice shorts
1977: Invented the Sports bra


Historic Partnerships

1993: NBA Uniforms and Practicewear
1994 & 1996: Official Outfitter of the US Olympic Team
2008: Performance Apparel for ESPN Wide World of Sports
2010: Performance Apparel for US La Crosse

Our philosophy

The Champion® brand is born out of the notion that sports creates camaraderie, builds character, is a part of life - and that a true champion plays and excels for the love of sport. It is a collegiate spirit celebrating potential and finding sport in everyday life. Finding ways to promote teamwork, finding energy to live spirited lives and experience the pure joy of sport, are the hallmarks of the Champion® brand.

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Champion® Athleticwear's team and bookstore product line is at the heart of who we are and what we stand for – camaraderie, character, and teamwork.

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